Michael McAlpin

Michael McAlpin is an entrepreneur, executive, film producer and IT architect with over 20 years of solutions delivery in both healthcare and technology systems. Michael worked for a number of companies including Accenture,
DirecTV, Chase, and Verizon, before starting his own software company in 2010. He has since co-founded two other successful software ventures and serves on the board for several growing companies. Michael has has been a part of 6 successful exits and enjoys the operations of the build and ramp up. Michael’s is primarily focused on healthcare and technology but his experience ranges from investments in skilled nursing facilities in Georgia to the feature films Waffle Street (2015) and Miss Arizona (2019). Michael has an Masters in Business Administration and Sustainability from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and lives in southern California where he enjoys sailing, snowboarding, and traveling with his wife and four children.

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